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Art by Seán Ryan


The CRM® Foundation is dedicated to serving the healing capacity of the human and equine collective.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving Mothers, Women Veterans, and civilian wives of veterans throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area through equine-partnered programs that utilize the Comprehensive Resource Model®, while actively supporting the spiritual repair and healing of retired racehorses.



We envision our work being a catalyst of a quantum shift in healing collective trauma to a global scale through generational healing of oppression, exploitation and the need for perpetration and disconnection. Through a committed approach to whole-being wellbeing, we envision satellite centers across the globe that support in the recovery of countless at-risk horses, train clinicians and treat communities in healing collective trauma across lineages, timelines, dimensions and species.


Based on epigenetic research, sociology, and over 40 years of combined case studies, it is our belief that generational trauma is the origin and root of patterns, templates and symptoms in this lifetime as well as the source of obstacles to comprehensive healing of those symptoms.


In addition to generational trauma, many of our societal and present-day familial structures and dynamics create fundamental barriers for women to nurture healthy attachment with their children from the moment of conception and throughout child-rearing stages. As a result, mothers often must fold to the pressure of these barriers rather than following their intuitive pull to nurture.  This fundamental severing of the natural attachment process often leaves women feeling isolated, under-resourced and more vulnerable to adapt through unhealthy or even harmful coping mechanisms. Very few services are available for women who struggle with severed attachment and the impact it has had on their lives and their children, including women veterans who often also must confront PTSD and other psychological challenges following their time in military service.  


Despite the external image of prestige and power, racehorses are a particularly vulnerable population of horses within the “equine industrial complex”. These horses are weaned exceptionally young (often between 4-6 months), and are started under saddle (sometimes as young as 18 months old). Many begin their racing careers as young as 2 years old, years before their bodies have fully physically developed (which is around 6 years old). They endure incredible stress loads of unnatural physical and psychological conditioning in order to perform, and are often discarded as soon as they decline in their ability to win or experience a career-threatening or ending injury. As is the case with many humans, their instinctual drive for healthy, secure attachment to their mother or even a loving human caretaker, is often severely compromised if not totally absent in their development and adult lives. Due to the unique stress load these horses learn to cope with, they are often unsuitable for an average rider or inexperienced equestrian, and therefore they can be challenging to rehome. Their recovery from track-life often requires intentionally tending to not only their physical trauma, but to their spiritual and emotional wounds as well.  


Fundamentally, women and horses need safe and secure environments to restore their sense of wholeness and heal severed and fractured aspects of self. The CRM® Foundation is committed to providing this environment.



The foundation of our work is the Comprehensive Resource Model®, a trauma treatment modality that is designed for optimal safety, ease and depth of permanent healing.  While this restorative system is used for traditionally diagnosed mental health disorders and symptoms, including severe PTSD and dissociation, its special niche and power resides in its ability to access, heal and transform trauma though a collaboration with horses and equine-assisted therapy.



Transformational change and growth that is permanent requires that the healing and/or coaching work be done from a fully embodied state; meaning the client is fully aware and present in their body during the process in order for the positive gains to be maintained.  Many of us live disconnected from our bodies and our conscious awareness, resulting in the inability to get to the deepest source of the problem in the mind-body-spirit complex. Consequently, the work can not be done in the deep brain as needed and positive healing effects are temporary.

Studies have demonstrated that both CRM® and equine therapy, used separately, provide the neurobiological, neurochemical and emotional safety that promotes full embodiment and therefore access to, and transformation of, the deepest origins and roots of  blocks, obstacles and wounds that impede our highest potential as human beings and the global systems that support abundance, stability and joy. When horses and CRM® are combined, these two powerful sources of multi-faceted resources allow for a level of embodiment and transformation that is amplified.​  



  • Provide “Pay what you can” residential retreats and outpatient CRM®  treatment for individuals, families and couples who suffer from the effects of severe and complex PTSD, generational trauma, military trauma, first responder employment, and sex trafficking by partnering with horses to expand the impact and reach of the Comprehensive Resource Model®

  • Develop educational and coaching programs that equip underserved pre-natal and post-partum mothers, adoptive mothers and foster mothers to provide secure and healthy attachment to their children throughout the crucial early years of development.

  • Provide “pay what you can” CRM® training and intensive retreats for women clinicians who work in marginalized/low-income communities in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area

  • Promote access and training for clinicians of color, indigenous ancestry and those within the LGBTQ community nationally and internationally




  • We are committed to furthering our CRM® and equine therapy research, beginning with efficacy studies, to establish a scientific evidence base and promote wider access to this treatment within mental health systems, equine-assisted therapy programs, and pre-natal/parenting and early childhood education and treatment centers. This may, in the future, also include addiction treatment centers.  Brain imaging and psycho-biological research for specific populations and diagnoses are in our future plans as well.

  • As we grow our programs, we shall act as alchemy in the field of consciousness in the global collective that can be operationalized beyond one-on-one or small group mental health treatment

  • We are committed to creating an active, robust and collaborative network of organizations and individuals whose mission is similar to that of the CRM® Foundation.



We are in the process of rehabilitating the first members of our equine team and are building partnerships and raising vital capital to create the physical sanctuary that will house the work of the CRM® Foundation. Let’s connect for a conversation about how we can collaborate to contribute to healing collective trauma on a global scale!

The story of the journey of two racehorses named Paranoia and Shower The People from the thoroughbred racing world of Grantville, PA to their new home, new names and new lives as equine therapy partners is coming soon...

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