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Comprehensive Resource Model is a trauma treatment modality that is designed for optimal safety, ease and depth of permanent healing.  While this restorative system is used for traditionally diagnosed mental health disorders and symptoms, including severe PTSD and dissociation, its special niche and power resides in its ability to access, heal and transform trauma though a collaboration with horses and equine assisted therapy.


Based on epigenetic research, sociology, and over 40 years of combined case studies, it is our belief that generational trauma is the origin and root of patterns, templates and symptoms in this lifetime as well as the source of obstacles to comprehensive healing of those symptoms. 




Transformational change and growth that is permanent requires that the healing and/or coaching work be done from a fully embodied state; meaning the client is fully aware and present in their body during the process in order for the positive gains to be maintained.  Many of us live disconnected from our bodies and our conscious awareness resulting in the inability to get to the deepest source of the problem in the mind-body-spirit complex. Consequently, the work can not be done in the deep brain as needed and positive healing effects are temporary.

CRMand Horses, used separately, provide the neurobiological, neurochemical and emotional safety that promotes full embodiment and therefore access to, and transformation of, the deepest origins and roots of  blocks, obstacles and wounds that impede our highest potential as human beings and the global systems that support abundance, stability and joy.

Combined, these two powerful sources of multi-faceted resources allow for a level of embodiment and transformation that is fast and permanent.


Each of the more conventional elements of the mission statement below include this kind of treatment and training, which the developers of CRMbelieve is the missing piece of mainstream psychotherapy and that which needs a radical paradigm shift towards evolution.


  • Provide “pay what you can” CRMtraining and intensive retreats for mental health professionals who work in marginalized/low-income communities in the USA and internationally

  • Promote access and training for clinicians of color, indigenous ancestry and those within the LGBTQ community nationally and internationally

  • Provide “Pay what you can” residential retreats and outpatient CRMtreatment for individuals, families and couples who suffer from the effects of severe and complex PTSD, generational trauma, military trauma, first responder employment, sex trafficking, slavery and ritual abuse by partnering with horses to expand the impact and reach of the Comprehensive Resource Model

  • Subsidize CRMresearch beginning with efficacy studies, to establish a scientific evidence base and promote wider access to this treatment within mental health systems, particularly addiction treatment centers.  Brain imaging and psycho-biological research for specific populations and diagnoses are in our future plans as well.

  • Develop a physical location for a training, retreat and wellness center through the use of CRM and Horses in the United States



  • Catalyze a quantum shift in healing collective trauma to a global scale through generational healing of oppression, exploitation and the need for perpetration and disconnection

  • Conceptualizing and utilizing technological advances that reflect a more expansive level of consciousness in human evolution.   Technology used with a benevolent intention must be part of the solution in healing collective trauma to scale.  We are not yet sure what this will look like but we know that the breadth and importance of the mission requires resources which can reach the masses.

  • Generate alchemy in the field of consciousness in the global collective that can be operationalized beyond one-on-one or small group mental health treatment

  • Create an active, robust and collaborative network of organizations and individuals whose mission is similar to that of the CRMFoundation

  • Develop physical satellite centers across the globe to train clinicians and treat communities in healing collective trauma across lineages, timelines, dimensions and species

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